Day Z – Words cannot do justice

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I’m betting many who read this have never heard of Arma II. It had a less than ostentatious release back in December 2011, and since it’s been on the market we’ve seen CODMW2, Skyrim, and Portal 2. Among blockbuster hits like those Arma II is truly a forgettable game. How is it then that as of right now Arma II is the highest selling game on Steam? A soon to be well known mod that’s still in alpha called Day Z is the reason why. I haven’t seen a mod drive game sales like this since the original Counter Strike! Day Z is an ultra-realistic zombie survival mod. Words cannot describe how great this game is, below is only a recount of what kept me up until 2am last night.

I spawned somewhere in the Russian wilderness close to a town named Komarovo. I had no map so the only way I knew the name of the town was because I happened upon a sign that that said Komarovo 1 mile with an arrow pointing forward. I knew my friend Tact was east of a place called Zelenogorsk and the goal was to hook up with him before being eaten alive by the undead, or shot to death by a player looking to loot my corpse. Finding Tact took about an hour, this mod only ships with one map which is 100km by 100km, so without a navigational map, or a compass, your guided solely by landmarks and word of mouth. Eventually Tact found a map in a deer blind which made it much easier for us to navigate, him telling me landmarks in Vent and me running around in circles until I found the “edge of the forested area that overlooks the cow pasture” or “the warehouse 200 yards on the other side of the light house.” It was tedious to say the least. Once we were together we set about the task of surviving. By the time I found him it was getting dark, and cold, my body temperature was lowering and my vision was getting blurry, Tact was shaking he was so cold and coughing. Coughing is decidedly bad, if you’re trying to creep around a corner in an attempt to subvert a horde of the undead, the last thing you want is someone in your group to start coughing out loud and thus drawing attention to you and your cohorts. We needed to warm up. I found some firewood and Tact had some matches….we started a fire. Our body temps rose back to a nice 98 degrees, but apparently we had not gone deep enough into the woods to conceal our whereabouts because someone far away spotted us and was trying to shoot us. We heard the gunshots, and the ricochets off the trees. We quickly put the fire out. Our would-be assassin was never spotted. Even though our temps were up and the shaking had subsided, both of us were coughing. A few players let us know through public chat that we needed some antibiotics, so Tact and I tore through the night on a mission to obtain medicine. And so goes the gameplay of Day Z. You and your friend running through a torrential downpour of rain in the darkness of night through the Russian hinterland across several kilometers of terrain hoping to find a city that has a Hospital that is hopefully not surrounded by armies of the undead, or camped by players wanting to steal everything you’ve worked for. If you die, you lose everything and start back at zero. The only objective is to survive. Survive a bullet to the leg with morphine and bandages. Survive starvation by killing a goat, cow, or rabbit, skinning it, cooking it and eating it. Survive hypothermia by building a fire. Survive hordes of the undead with any number of weapons, my favorite thus far being the Winchester 1866, it will blow a hole directly through the living…or the dead.

Day Z makes Left 4 Dead look like an 8yo school girl. Persistent servers and a 24 hour clock….oh yeah, it stays dark for real time 8 hours and follows lunar cycles. New moon…pitch black…full moon…you can somewhat make out a few shadows, and no, you don’t spawn with a flashlight. This game is epic, it is the evolution of fps and the pinnacle of zombie survivor games…and it’s only still in alpha. I have never seen anything like this game. Let me put it this way: Diablo 3 came out less than a week ago….everyone in my vent bought it….. and no one plays it.


Infinite Aion – Private Server for Aion

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Tired of paying $15/mo subs for Aion? Checkout Infinite Aion, a free private server for Aion with a large community behind it. Exponentially higher xp rates, auto learned skills, and very quick respawns are just a few of the perks of Infinite Aion. If you’re tired of the Aion grind, then IA is for you.

Skyline (2010)

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Straight to the point us vs. them scifi with a plot twist reminiscent of District 9. I liked it, 8/10

Glasnost Bandwidth Shaping Test

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The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Germany hosts a java applet that tests your ISP for bittorrent throttling.


I Am In Love

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Zombie Strippers (2008)

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Umm, Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson…Zombie Strippers…nuff’ said


Dale Chase – Coder Girl

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TeraCopy – Superior File Copy App for Win7

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The fine folks over at have a really great app called TeraCopy. It uses an optimized buffer to instantly kick off file copies. Large multi-gig files start to copy instantly whether copying from the same drive, or to a separate drive. Upon install you can dig into the options and register it to become the default copy/move program for Win7. Teracopy also supports the ability to pause or restart a failed copy. You can definitely see a real world difference in copy times when using this app and I suggest it for everyone using win7.


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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

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Ode to Wes

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Mixtape comprised solely of music from the films of Wes Anderson arranged in the proper order by me.

**Note** In order to attain the maximum level of spiritual enlightenment one must listen to the tracks in the order they have been prepared for you. Only then will the clarity of being wash over your consciousness to reveal the true meaning of reality freeing you from ego and all things worldly to elevate the total sum of your mass to a true state of Zen!


GPartEd to the rescue!!

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I’ve been using the Gnome Partition Editor Live CD for a long time. It’s a great free utility for partition editing. Turns out, hdd’s aren’t the only thing this tool is good for. I recently pulled an 8gb Corsair Voyager USB drive out of the slot while it was being written to which essentially hosed the drive. I turned first to the built-in Win7 utility for formatting the drive which didn’t work, then to the HP USB format utility which also didn’t work. At this point I tossed the drive into the trash assuming it was beyond repair. Then a few days later while sitting on my couch watching Ideal it came to me in a vision…GPartEd… I sifted through the trash and nabbed the key which was nestled firmly between a Dos Equis bottle and an empty hard drive retail box. I booted into GPartEd and formatted the thumb drive to Fat32 effortlessly, booted into Win7 which picked the drive right up and assigned it a drive letter. GPartEd ftw!!!

A really good reason to learn cantonese…

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AT&T vs. Time Warner

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Uverse didn’t show up for their install so I canceled with them. A few minutes later an AT&T rep called me, assured me someone would be at my house by 8am the next day and offered me a $100 gift cert for agreeing to keeping their service.

Once the service got turned up i compared a couple of tracert’s to TW’s network sent me from Dallas to Chicago via Houston. AT&T’s made a B-Line north. had 56ms lag on TW and 23ms lag on AT&T. TW’s premier tier got me 20Mb/s for $70/mo whereas AT&T’s is getting me 14Mb/s for $40/mo. I never really soaked up 20Mb/s, most likely I rarely utilize 3Mb/s at peak.

AT&T definitely has better customer service and lower latency which is why IMHO they are the better choice….for now. Once DOCSIS 3.0 gets turned up in N. Texas it may be time to reevaluate cable.


Viewsonic LCD’s are F’N Rugged!!!

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In yet another shining display of 200’s gracefulness:

I lifted the front of my desk about 1″ to slide a rug under it, upon returning the desk to the ground the forward motion caused my 22″ Viewsonic Optiquest Q22WB to flip forward off the desk falling 2′ 4″ and landing firmly on it’s top, upside down, on the floor with the power and dvi cable keeping it from flipping all the way over. Miraculously I’m am staring at it now as I write this. Viewsonic LCD:1 Floor:0…….

D.C. Court Rules in favor of Comcast (FCC v. Comcast)

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RoboGeisha (Trailer)

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Fried Shrimp!!!

Zombies of Mass Destruction

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Quite possibly the 337th best move ever made. Terrorist zombies abound…No seriously..this is a good Zomedy with a funny script that mocks religion, prejudice and American foreign policy . Better than Zombieland; not as good as Shaun of the Dead.


K-Swiss Sponsorship

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The fine folks over at k-swiss recognize talent when they see it. k-swiss is the proud new sponsor of…Scoop your pair of 200 branded kix at

First 6Core Procs hit retail: Intel 980X

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R.U.S.E. Open Beta

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Ruse brings an interesting twist to the RTS genre. The ability to “fake-out” an opponent with a selection of “Ruses” ranging from fake air and armor attacks to propaganda campaigns and blitzkrieg. The ui gives you a very good command of the battlefield, reminiscent of Sup Comm. in that you can scroll out far enough to view the entire board. This is going to be one of the better RTS’s, so if you’re a fan of the genre, go grab the free beta client at steam now, there’s still 20+ days left.

Thermaltake BlacX Duet

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Tired of plain ol’ external USB Hard Drives? Want to run 2 drives off one eSata or USB cable? Check this out…Thermaltake BlacX Duet, open air dual sata drive mount. Supports up to 2TB of storage and is hot-swappable. They retailed for $70+ at launch, I picked this one up for $40 at

Valve to release titles for MAC

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Valve announced earlier this week that they will be releasing multiple titles for MAC. Well….It’s about time. The “Games for Windows” monopoly is about to crumble. If they can release for MAC, whats stopping them from releasing on GNU/LINUX.

LINK to story on MACRUMORS

BF:BC2 – The best game ever made….except for the fact it’s unplayable.

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Having played every Battlefield release since Battlefield 1942 I am accustomed to the almost predictable bevy of errors, crashes, laggyness, and bugs found on launch week. Bad Company 2 however has set the precedent for quite possibly the worst launch of a BF game to date. The auth server is down about 1/3 of the time, and even if you get into a game you’re likely to only play for seconds before a Punkbuster Init failure, and if not that then a “Connection to game server has been lost” error.

Besides the fact that the game is quite literally unplayable, it’s still the best MP FPS ever made. The graphics on a couple of maps are really insane. The jungle foliage is super-realistic on Laguna Presa and I can almost taste the sand in my mouth on maps like Atacama Desert and Africa Harbor.

Overall the game gets an A++, but EA gets a big fat F- for all of the server issues this game is having. You would think that by the 7th BF release EA, the largest computer gaming company in the world, would have a tried and true recipe for launch day, but such is obviously not the case.

Launch day screens:

Thomas Pynchon Fake Book

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A friend of mine is a die hard Thomas Pynchon fan and THE THOMAS PYNCHON FAKEBOOK is his labour of love: A 14 track cd comprised of various amateur artists all singing tunes with lyrics yanked straight from the pages of Gravity’s Rainbow. All songs available for listening at the link below. Track 10: “So Contagious” features yours truly…noobs and microphones get owned…..

Newegg accused of selling fake Intel Core I7 processors

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Gaming Documentary Madness!!!

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Second Skin:

Awesome doc about WoW, EQ2, and SL players. [LINK]



The sum of this flick is CPL bashing, but worth the watch. [LINK]


Good doc, follows two CS teams very closely. Shows the ins and outs of sponsoring a circuit gaming team. [Link ???]

Supreme Commander 2 Demo – Stripped Down Game Components For Faster Gameplay

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SC1 was a great RTS, but MP did suffer from massive outbreaks of turtle syndrome. SC2 addresses this issue by nixing defense walls, the large shield radius, and the larger defensive AA and AT turrets. Factory Upgrades have gone by the way side in favor of a classic RTS tech tree. All of these changes make for a faster, much more offense oriented game. The SC2 SP demo is available for DL over at steam.

Some Pics…

And a video…

XFX HD5870

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Having been a loyal customer of Evga/Nvidia for such a long time I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit of apprehension at the idea of purchasing an ATI card from a manufacturer that I didn’t have any personal experience with. The reviews for the 5870 and the $400 price point were too compelling to pass up, even amidst the 1st hand reports of ATI driver issues and customer dissatisfaction. Those that can get these cards stable will enjoy a vivid gaming experience, but after hanging out in the ATI forums this weekend it is apparent that there are a great many that cannot get the ATI 5800 series cards to perform reliably.

The specs on most video cards of the same model and generation are basically the same, the only real difference is the sticker the manufacturer affixes to the cooler. I chose the XFX over Asus, Sapphire, Diamond, and HIS because of their warranty. Double-Lifetime, meaning if I sell the card, the second owner also gets the warranty.

Enough with the small talk, lets look at the numbers.


This 5870 was purchased to replace my aging, but still viable, Evga 8800GTX. The sole purpose of this new card, at least for the foreseeable future, will be to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 @ 1680×1050 with all settings on high. For now, I only have the beta to test with so these numbers were all taken using BF:BC2, Catalyst 10.1 drivers, FRAPS, and TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z.

The temp differences really surprised me, I thought the 8800GTX would have showed a closer temp, especially with having the after market cooler, but such was not the case. The 5870 (43°c/63°c) came in much cooler than my Evga (58°c/80°c).

The FPS difference was fairly significant. This is not an apples to apples comparison. The 8800gtx (48.3fps) was benched using 1680×1050 with everything at medium while the HD5870 (60.9fps) was benched at 1680×1050 with everything on high.


The 5800 series cards definitely take some patience. I had to roll back drivers from 10.2 t0 10.1 and install a driver hotfix for my graphics issues to subside. Cleaning out drivers can be a real pain sometimes so I used Driver to make sure I got everything erased before installing a fresh set of drivers. Even while running “stable” one can definitely see that ATI drivers are not up to par with Nvidia’s. One example of this is screen blackouts while the Catalyst control panel loads into memory.


Given the driver issues the thought did cross my mind to RMA this card for an Nvidia chip, but I think the further BC2 comes along so will the drivers for this card. I am going to reserve final judgment on this card until I’ve spent more time breaking it in. I will however be sad to see my 8800GTX go, the longevity of the 8800GTX was remarkable. On the bright side I was able to find it a loving new home up in Ohio at sk.Advanced’s house.

Video of me venting about WoW and Star Trek Online

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Die Antwoord!! My new favorite band

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He owns a PC computer OK? he makes next level beats….

And Once Again It’s On!!!! Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

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11-30-10 AM

Finally something worth writing about…EA dropped the one map beta for BF:BC2 yesterday…

Port Valdez is a “Rush” mode map, similar to Push in insurgency, where the offense parachutes in to attack 4 sets of 2 fixed positions along the frozen coast line of a large oil industrial port. DICE came through strong with this one. I had almost forgotten how fun a good BF game was….The sound effects and concussion effects are excellent, the graphics are great, and the game play is too fun!!!

BC2 does suffer from the laggy feel of 2142 so much so that DICE has a scrolling message at the bottom of the game promising that they are doing everything possible to fix it. Several of my friends using newer gen cards, gtx2xx etc.. are experiencing random and constant CTD’s. In gaming terms I am on legacy hardware and my c2q9550/8800gtx plays BC2 without issue.

Based solely on the beta this game is a must buy for any fps enthusiast. See you on the battlefield…..

1-30-10 PM

OK, the game suffers from a whopping overuse of *Bloom* effect and there is no way to toggle bloom on/off from in the gui, you have to make the changes in the settings.ini, you can also force which dx version you want to use in the settiigs.ini file as well. These issues will no doubt be fixed in the gold release.

1-31-10 PM

I’ve noticed a bug where I spawn in and continue to strafe in either direction, it’s unstoppable. I have to die before it ends. Also getting some lag with large artillery blasts. Overall maintaining 60-40fps @ 1680×1050 w/ medium settings. Been hearing alot of stories coming from people with dual core pc’s not being able to get above 30fps regardless of video card.


Well, the beta’s over until Drop Date. It was cool to see all the old BF heads playing again…

The Misfits – November 29th, 2009/ House of Blues / Dallas Texas

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There is a very special place in my heart for The ‘Fits. I have been listening to this band since I was 12 years old. A skater friend of mine loaned me “Energy” by Operation Ivy and “Legacy of Brutality” by the Misfits, both on vinyl… My days of listening to Huey Lewis and the News on KVIL in my mom’s car were OVER!!!!

Since the bands inception it has evolved with every album, new drummer here, new guitar player there…the only real constants were Jerry Only and Glenn. I think Chill said it best..”Glenn Danzig is the Elvis of Punk Rock.” He really is one of the best voices in any genre of music. Many said that the Misfits died when Glenn left, and there was a time that I too shared that sentiment. The “reincarnation” of the ‘fits in ’99 did spawn several good tracks with Michael Graves on as lead singer, but I knew that was not the Misfits I wanted to see live. Graves’ voice was a little too high for my tastes, and while they did stay true to the “Whoa Whoa” punk style of the original ‘fits, they never captured my imagination like the ’77-’85 ‘fits. Cut to today’s incarnation:

Jerry Only on Bass/Vocvals
Dez Cadena(formerly of Black Flag) on guitar
Robo(formerly of Black Flag) on drums

Words cannot describe the greatness of the set I witnessed at The House of Blues on Novemeber 29th in Dallas Texas. Yes, they f***ed up 3 times by my count, and yes Glenn was not the front man. The power….The speed. Jerry Only is the f***ing MAN!!! No B.S. get straight to the point…fast…hard…punk…rock. All of my reservations about Glenn not singing…totally erased. They whipped out a good deal of the old catalog faster and harder than i had ever heard it, and I loved every minute of it.

My sincere gratitude goes out to WeeBeezy for the tickets and to Chill and Amber for sharing with me what will most definitely go down as one of the best nights of my life. November 29th, 2009 The Misfits at House of Blues.

Check the pix from WeeBeezy’s iphone, balcony and floor (Click to Enlarge)

Dead Set – BBC Mini-Series (2008)

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The Big Brother U.K. cast find themselves trapped on the set of their T.V. show during the zombie apocalypse; an ingenious location to host a zombie outbreak due to it’s secluded nature. The amount of time given to the five part series allows it to explore every aspect of a good zombie film. Overwhelming numbers of undead, base fortification, and human paranoia; all are staples of any good zombie flick and all are well represented in Dead Set. 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up, and all that. This is a must see for any fan of the genre. If you’re looking for a happy ending look elsewhere, if you’re looking for one of the best Zombie flicks ever made….look no further.


**I am only posting the torrent here for my American friends. The only version available at retail is PAL.

Bored To Death (HBO)

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Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis with a sprinkle of Ted Danson on top. It’s really good. I watched episodes 1-9 back to back last night. I was tired at work today. It is really good.

Zombieland (2009)

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99% of zombie movies have a short montage that illustrates the endless supply of fun one can have when you are the last person(s) on earth. Zombieland chose to focus on that angle for most of the movie. It was a decent stab at Zomedy but really comes nowhere close to the precedent set by Shaun of the Dead. I think I set my expectations too high for this flick, but it is definitely worth the rent.

Riddle Time!!

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First correct answer gets a check for 2 trillion dollars.

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One site for searching @ Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Twitter. Just click the Google logo to switch between sites.

And then there’s this guy, who we around here call “The Man”

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For Those That Don’t Know

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Being that Korean gamers have been grinding on Aion for almost a year it was no surprise that the North American launch went so smooth, at least when compared with other recent mmo launches *cough* AOC *cough*. The only real issue that arose were the queue times with some people reporting five hour wait times. On my server, Marchutan, there has been queue times every day after 5pm the longest of which I have seen personally is one and a half hours. There is an upside to this though, a server deficient launch may stave off what ultimately served to be Warhammer Online’s demise; low server population within weeks of kick off.

As far as MMO’s go it doesn’t get much more solid than Aion. From the built in quest helper to the transparent map overlay it’s apparent that NCSoft can really add some flare to classic mmo game mechanics by adding just a few much needed HUD enhancements.

Since I’m still in noobville I cannot comment on the dynamics of in flight pvp, but I’m sure high level duels will be quite interesting. Check the pics…

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District 9 – 2009

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Alien apartheid own!! 7/10

Inglorious Bastards – 2009

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Tarantino own!! 8/10

Corsair Memory, Inc.

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I had a 1gb stick go out on me last month. I filled out the RMA form, mailed Corsair the broken stick along with the other stick from that matched pair, which was still working, and Corsair replaced both of them with a brand new matched pair for free. That positive RMA experience coupled with my recent issues concerning the 8gb of G.Skill I just picked up has placed me solid into the Corsair for life category.

Section 8 – Closed Beta

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Section 8 is a very well thought out and executed Starsiege Tribes clone. Jet Packs, myriad deployable turrets, pre configured load outs…the whole 9. Now I am a Tribes fanatic so I really enjoyed playing this beta, but I’m not sure how well received it will be to the masses. I guess only time will tell. Check the homepage @

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